My New York City Guide

New York has been on my list of places to visit practically my whole life. Not only is it the setting of so many movies but also the inspiration behind so much art. It is a major fashion capital along with London and Paris, my other favorite cities. It is the meeting spot for relationships of Annie and Sam (Sleepless in Seattle), Kim and Andy (my parents), and technically Harry and Sally. New York is culture, art, romance, and fashion all in one.

I’m hoping that my senior trip to New York won’t be the last. I can’t wait to explore even more of the amazing city. These are a couple recommendations on where to go based on my short experience in the concrete jungle.


Dinner: Via Della Pace

This little restaurant in Little Italy was the perfect start to the trip! The restaurant offers a selection of Italian but it’s feature is the amazing pasta. I ordered the Rigatoni alla Carbanara which was even better than I’d hoped. TIP: It is cash only so make sure to stop by an ATM beforehand but this is no big deal in the city.

Brunch: Jack’s Wife Freda

I’ve seen this place in so many blogs and youtube videos that I thought it was a must. We went on a weekday to avoid waiting. If you’re into Instagramming your favorite meals then you have to go here. I had the Rosewater Waffle and died.

Rosewater Waffle


Ellis Island: This was one of the first stops on our trip and it was worth it. Even though we waited in the hot sun for a half hour to get on the boat, the experience was unforgettable. I suggest getting your tickets in advance for a set time as the line was extremely long for a flex ticket.

Ellis Island

Empire State: Another must-do. Even though one expects there to be a long line for the view at the top of this iconic building, at 9 am, it was a quick ride to the top. If going at a busier time in the day, it would be better to buy tickets online.

Empire State of Mind

Broadway: We went to see Waitress while Katherine McPhee was starring and it was so much fun! Her voice is amazing and it was so entertaining. Going to a show and then grabbing some dinner in New York is truly magical.


Ferry: This one sounds a little weird but my family met up with some old friends in Long Island City who suggested we ride the ferry back. This was probably my favorite moment while in New York. It had gotten dark and a storm had just started. As we looked out at the NYC skyline, there was lightning in the background.

Night in New York


The Ludlow: This hotel had such great New York vibes. It was located in the lower east side and right across Katz Deli (a scene from one of my favorite movies was filmed here!). We mainly got the Subway or a taxi to and from the hotel which was actually easier than what others say. I’ve never used Airbnb but everyone seems to love it so I’m sure another option could be found there.

The Ludlow

I enjoyed this trip so much thanks to my parents! The pictures coming back from NYFW are amazing. Hopefully I can attend one day!

Central Park




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