How to Pack for a Long Haul Flight

I love love love travelling. So much so that in years past I followed the same routine of waiting till the night before my flight to pack everything. The night before is when I find out that I’m missing key essentials and have no time to go out and purchase them. This habit is not only hyper-stressful but also prohibits the ability to have well-planned outfits.

For this trip, I found it extremely important to pack well as I’m going to three different destinations. I needed to make sure I had enough outfits and items to last throughout the holiday! These are a few tips I find super helpful in order to pack well.


I love making lists for anything. It groups everything I need to do or buy or pack all together in one place. For a holiday I make lists for different parts of my bag. I have one for my carry-on and one for my suitcase. It’s so important to do this just so that you don’t forget anything you use on a daily basis.

Example List


Several days or even a week before the flight, start hanging specific pieces you want to wear on the trip. This makes it easier to put outfits together and then order them by what outfit for which day. If you’re going to several different places this makes it easier to separate by place.

Vacation Outfits


I like to stack all my outfits together so that I know exactly what I’m wearing for each day. This cuts out the time of planning an outfit and allows for more exploring during the trip. I’m going for about 12 days and this perfectly fit into one side of my suitcase.



Some of these are kind of obvious but I needed to include them.

  • If you need more space make sure to put socks and underwear in your packed shoes.
  • Put clingfilm on the top of bottles before screwing the lid back on. This helps to prevent leaking.
  • Always bring fuzzy socks for the plane.
  • Bring extra baggies for the way back.
  • Use pill bottles for jewelry.
  • Bring limited shoes.

Okay lovelies, hope you enjoy wherever you go next.


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