Easy Summer Health Changes

Hey lovelies. I wanted to talk about the recent changes I’ve made to become healthier. During the school year, I get so swept up in the rush of life with homework, clubs, sleep, and 7 hours of learning. Honestly, every year I get so overwhelmed and so the summer is the perfect time to recollect and organize my life. There are some obvious problems with my school lifestyle that I can easily fix.


During the school year, I find every excuse just to not work out. ‘I have homework’. ‘I need sleep’. ‘I’m not athletic’. However, these excuses are lame. I totally have enough time to at least be active for 20 minutes.

The activities I choose to do are badminton and table tennis in the safety of my own backyard. Home workouts through the use of YouTube and Instagram. I’m trying to focus on my butt and abs so here are some that I like. Walking my dog, Poppy. Hiking (I know everyone loves to hike but I’m still not all for this one).


Whatever I do, I make sure that it’s something I enjoy, otherwise it won’t be worth it.


Anyone who knows me knows that I have a simple aversion to the daily task of drinking water. It’s not even that I don’t like it, I just forget to drink it. One huge tip I suggest is filling up your Hydroflask (or whatever water bottle) and then carrying that with you throughout the day. I tend to drink from it without even realising.

I don’t completely cut out all other drinks because God knows I wouldn’t survive without a daily tea. But I try not to drink any juice or soda.


How is this a health change? It’s been so helpful to have a relaxing hobby to do every day that helps me with my mind health. During the school year, there’s no way I would have enough time to read a book which is why in the summer I devour novels. I like to take my cup of tea and book into the front room of my house (where all the sunlight pours in) and relax.

I’m currently reading A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell. I highly suggest reading this, even though I’m only halfway through, it’s so suspenseful.



I’ll admit this one I’m still working on. I can easily sleep for 8 hours but I just can’t make myself go to sleep before midnight. I want to get my sleep schedule straight before college but I’m assuming the jet lag from my holiday will mess it up anyways.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my recent health adjustments. They are such easy changes for people who are a little more lazy (me!).


2 thoughts on “Easy Summer Health Changes

  1. reocochran says:

    This was made into a fascinating and intriguing film with Blake Lively and Anna Kendricks. I just watched it last weekend! I am not really blogging much anymore but like to stop by blogs and give words of encouragement.
    I was active from 2012 until this year! Take care and congratulations on going to college. . . 💐

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