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How To Concert

I feel like the summer is such a wonderful time for the best concerts. You can wear summer clothing, not worry about school work (still have to worry about your job but whatever), and just enjoy some good music. I’m not an avid concert-goer or anything but I’ve gone to a couple and had fun, which is most important.

Now quickly going over a brief history of the concerts I’ve attended. It all started with Selena Gomez and the Scene as a young tween. I then moved onto Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepson, DNCE, Panic at the Disco, DUA LIPA, and Harry Styles. These concerts were a variety of venues, some were General Admission and some huge arenas, and the classic Washington State Fair.

No matter who you go to see, it can always be a ton of fun but here are a couple main points to remember.


This is probably the most important part to remember. Getting tickets can be as simple as looking on TicketFinder or Spotify showing you your favorite artists dates. My sister recently used Seat Geek in order to acquire our Harry Styles tickets three days before! Once you buy the tickets make sure to print them out. If you can save the tickets to your phone this is also a great option for accessibility.


When at a General Admission concert I think the best advice is to wear comfortable shoes. I’m on my feet for at least four hours. The only way it’s understandable to wear heels is if you’re short. Now with the comfortable shoes I think it’s so cute when your outfit fits the concert. Say if I went to see Kenny Chesney, I would probably go with something a bit more country. For the Harry Styles concert there were a lot of people channeling his vibes. I went with a striped tube top under a cream blouse (tied at the bottom) with some black jeans and Stan Smiths.

Harry Styles Concert

My sister and I enjoying a little Harry Styles.


Before going to a concert make sure you know and like the music. At the very least know the most popular songs. I’ve been to concerts where I only knew one of their songs and it’s just not as fun. I went to DUA LIPA on July 2nd and it was honestly the best concert I’ve been to because I was having a good time (screaming and dancing) with my friends. Also don’t be afraid to look stupid if that means you’re having fun.


Hope you guys enjoy your next concert. I’m going to Khalid in September and I’m pretty excited!


2 thoughts on “How To Concert

  1. priya says:

    Loved this! Feeling the music is definitely the best part for me, so different for every concert I go to depending on the artist and the crowd, but always my favourite part of the gig! xx


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