life as a high school graduate

Hello lovelies. Sorry it’s been about 3 weeks of not posting but I took some much needed time to focus on the end of my senior year as well as the beginning of the summer!


Today I wanted to focus on my recent graduation and my perspective on high school in general. First of all the day of graduation was so stressful. It started with the senior breakfast which included mediocre food, chats with friends and family, and a slideshow featuring a few of the students that made up the 433. This lead straight into our mandatory graduation practise which ran from 9:30 till approximately 2! The practise was basically informational and let me figure out I can’t do the graduation walk to save my life.

This left about 3 hours to eat and get ready. I managed to make it but it got a little stressful for a quick sec. I weirdly only got pictures with my gown covering my dress but I honestly really liked the dress.

The graduation went really well! It was somewhat surreal walking across the stage because it doesn’t feel like it’s been 4 years but it does at the same time?

The rest of the day was grad night which was filled with ‘gambling’, eating, pictures, hypnotizing, hennas, and fun. I got home at 6:30 am and crashed till noon.




High school was so much better of a fit for me than middle school. I was thankful enough to finally find a friend group I genuinely liked and enjoyed their company. My biggest piece of advice for high schoolers is to be genuine and hopefully you will attract the same energy. I’m honestly so sad to go to university because I have to find that friend group all over again. But I’m trying to keep positive vibes about me.

I’m excited to be more independent but scared for the added responsibility. I’m excited for a change of scenery but scared about a big city. To sum up, I’m excited and scared.

Now that I’m a college student I will be writing on more topics to do with college life! Excited!






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