Prom 2018!

2018 will be a year to remember. At least, when I look back on old pictures there will be a lot of memories to reminisce on. My prom, my graduation, moving into college. Writing this blog is so great because I’ll also have the ability to know what I was thinking during this time.

The Dress

I wanted something simple and timeless for Prom. I bought the dress online (Dillard’s I believe) and then got it altered months in advance. I’ve learned from those around me that it is better to be ahead of the game instead of worried last minute. My jewelry was kind of thrown together but I think I liked it. The earrings were perfect as our theme was Starry night (I know, so cliche).


The Makeup

My makeup was somewhat simple for Prom. I like to do a smokey eye for big events and then add my go-to liquid liner with some falsies. I’m honestly terrible at doing false lashes but I tried my best. My lipstick is my favorite liquid lipstick by Revlon in the colour Seduction. My foundation is the Born This Way by Too Faced and I love it. Sometimes I forget how pale I actually am but when the foundation color is called Snow I suddenly become much more aware.

The Hair

I’m not as keen on doing hair as I am for hair and makeup so I decided to go with something simple. Really easy to do especially if you want to cut down on cost like me. I feel like people are spending more and more on Prom these days as there are so many costs (nails, hair, makeup, dress, transportation, food, tan, jewelry). But I wholeheartedly believe not everyone needs to be rich to attend Prom. My friends found dresses around $50! A lot of the services can be cut out if you have friends that can do hair, nails, or makeup for free (or just do them yourself). One cost I think is unnecessary is tanning, as someone who has always been pale, you’re beautiful either way.


The Food

I love pizza. We went to Elemental Pizza which was a last minute choice in Tacoma but it was perfect. We booked our table four day before!

The Prom

Our school’s prom was held at the Tacoma Glass Museum. The venue was cool as it had art to look as well as a live demonstration of glass blowing. However, when we first arrived, it didn’t seem like the dance had quite started. There wasn’t a ton of dancing going on but as it got later, people started to get more into it.

After we had danced for a little while and my feet felt like they were falling off, we decided to go to Frisko Freeze (a drive-in burger place). It was Freeze-ing but I still got a milkshake.

The ‘After-Party’

My friend group isn’t crazy on partying (drugs and alcohol) so we chilled at one person’s house and watched movies, played games and talked. It’s truly going to be sad to leave these lovely ladies in a couple months as they’ve made my high school experience so enjoyable.



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