Memorial Day Weekend

Hi guys. This past weekend my family and I went down to the Oregon Coast for my mom’s birthday. My family loves going on weekend trips like our last one to Canada. Living in the Northwest means there are so many great places to visit for a couple days. Since, moving here almost 10 years ago, I feel like there’s still so much to explore.

For this trip, we went down to Lincoln City on Oregon’s coast. The town was so charming and cute.

Where we stayed

We stayed at the Salishan Resort where there were pet-friendly rooms and we took advantage of this and brought our dog, Poppy. The view was perfect. There was a golf course. It was kind of picturesque. The resort had different activities to take part in throughout the day like a morning hike, and bacon-water for dogs.


Where we dined

The first night we went to the Sun Room at our resort. The food was lovely and the restaurant is named this because it’s surrounded by windows.

The next morning we ate at the Cafe C’est la Vie in Depoe Bay. This is one of the cutest little cafes I’ve been to! It has a selection of savory and sweet crepes as well as croque monsieur.

My mom’s birthday dinner was at Kyllo’s in Lincoln City. The food was really nice including many different seafood options. However, they don’t take reservations so there may be a bit of a wait depending on the day. We finished dinner at the perfect moment, walking outside to view the beautiful sunset.


On the drive back, we went to such a cute restaurant called Rogue Brewery with pet-friendly seating outside.

Pet-Friendly Restaurant

What we did

Other than spend time ‘attempting’ tennis at the resort with my family, we went on a lot of hikes and walks. One of the best things to do is just drive along the coast and find great viewpoints. At one viewpoint, we were lucky to see grey whales!


Overall, I’m glad that my family likes to take trips away from everyday life. Weekend getaways like this are relaxing and much needed after a lot of school stress.


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