Seattle Metropolitan Fashion Show

Last weekend, I attended the Seattle Met Fashion Show at the Seattle Art Museum! It was the first fashion show I’ve been to and was an amazing experience. I attended with my mum and my sister as a pre-Mother’s Day event (Happy late Mother’s Day!) Even though it was such a fun and amazing show, there were a couple things I could take away from it.

I was majorly underdressed.


I don’t even know how I am this pale. The romper is from Nordstrom, the blouse is Express and the shoes are Marshalls.

I wore a star-printed romper with a cream button up blouse and some nude heels. My outfit was fine but it wasn’t as formal as it should have been. Apparently my sister claims that I didn’t tell her it was a formal event which is why she was wearing sneakers. As soon as we arrived at the Seattle Art Museum, I realized we were underdressed as the majority of attendees were wearing long formal dresses with towering heels. However, there was still a mix of formal to casual. For the half hour leading up to the show, I simply admired the array of outfits!

People bought tickets to stand.


My mom bought General Admission tickets which gave us the choice to sit in either the third or fourth row. However, there was also a ticket for the purpose of standing in the back! The show was completely sold out and after the show, I wasn’t surprised. There were so many amazing pieces. The first two rows were VIP tickets and the purchase of these tickets would have been worth it for being so close to the designs.

There was such a variety in fashion.

Sorry about the blur.

Forgetting that it was Cinco de Mayo meant that the first collection by Diego Medel surprised me immensely. The dresses were big and beautiful. The detailing was amazing. There was also a whole collection of wearable art from Port Townsend Wearable Art that amazed the crowd. With each new piece, there was a gasp from the audience. Finally the last designer, Erick Bendana, brought out the most flattering and awing long gowns. I was so much more impressed than I thought I would be.

I’m so glad I attended my first fashion show. I’m trying to decide whether I want to go to next year’s at the Museum of Flight and I’m tempted simply because I was so amazed with this one. Thank you for reading!



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