Making Important Life Decisions

I am thoroughly excited to announce that I will be attending the University of Washington this fall! This decision has been made after so much consideration over the last month. Choosing the school I attend for the next four years of my life is a daunting decision to make. For some, they’ve known their dream college since they were 7. For others, it takes till May 1st to commit to their university. I fall somewhat towards the latter.


I think part of the reason why this decision has been so hard to make is that I am reluctant to change. Moving schools as a young child and therefore losing many friends has affected the way I see change. Before the move, I was so excited to move to a new place. It took several months to finally realize what it meant. I couldn’t visit friends when they lived thousands of miles away. I couldn’t visit family whenever I wanted. Regardless of the limitations on my friends and family, adjusting to the culture in Washington took years. I found it difficult to be outgoing and open to new friends.

However this gradually changed over the years I have lived here. I realized that I still get to visit family at least every two years. I have made many friends and have accepted the change. I had a similar decision to make four years ago. The decision was which high school to attend. Although this decision is significantly less pressured than choosing a college, it was still an important decision. This decision has been proven to be the right one and has taught me that I will be happy no matter what. 


Choosing the University of Washington is reasoned by my pursuit of a Business Administration degree and loving the city of Seattle. I can’t wait to attend the school this fall.


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