5 Spring Travel Tips

As April has officially begun, the spring season is perfect for traveling. Regardless of the weather of the destination, these travel tips will hopefully be helpful.

  1. Moisturizer and SPF: These two items are so important when traveling in general but even more important when flying somewhere hot. I am both extremely pale and have dry skin so I know that these items are essential for myself. Applying a quality moisturizer on the plane will help with the drying effects of the stale air. I have heard that the Aveeno products are great but I’ve been using Cetaphil which is a great price for a moisturizer and can be found in a lot of stores.aveenoHydrate-DH_Lotion__10631.1492028569.1280.1280
  2. Passport Accessibility: Bring an accessible bag for all important documents. Having one spot to put a passport, boarding pass and anything else pertaining to the trip helps in locating the item when needed. This bag should be somewhat small so that it’s easier to place in your carry-on.
  3. Water: Make sure to bring an empty water bottle if you want to avoid buying overpriced water. This is handy when walking by a water fountain after security in the airport or at any location. Remember to limit your liquids down to what the travel maximum is but still stay hydrated.
  4. Plan Outfits: I literally avoid packing until the night before every time I travel! Something that I like to start doing a week before is to plan all my outfits for the trip. If I know exactly what I’m doing each day, then I can lay out an outfit for each of the days of the holiday. However, in some cases, such as the beach, all you need is to pack multiple bikinis and cover-ups and you’re all set.
  5. Limit your shoes: Packing flips flops are a must for the beach. These classics as well as a comfortable pair of sneakers like Stan Smiths will allow for time at the beach and a walk around the city. If you love shoes like me, this can be hard so it’s also very necessary to have either cute wedges or sandals for pictures and such.60b178c5822de90deb77548c0eae5100havaianas-mens-light-pink-flip-flops-77CF_1



I hope you guys enjoyed some of my favorite tips and have an amazing time with spring travels. I’m not travelling until August, however I’m so excited to finally visit NYC. If you have any suggestions for places to visit, please let me know!


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