Business Looks

This weekend I attended State competition for DECA which is a club primarily focused on business. I have a couple outfits that fit a business casual or business professional dress code that I wanted to show!

Business Professional


As this was the day I competed I had to make sure I looked extremely professional in front of the judges. I wore a black pencil skirt from Express (really great store for business attire) with a blouse (Express) and a blazer (Macy’s).

I’ve had these shoes for

IMG_8201about a year now from Payless and they are a perfect height for the occasion.


Business Casual



I prefer to wear slacks so much more than a skirt as it’s actually comfortable. I simply paired my black slacks with a blouse and these pink flats. The shirt is from Express, pants are from H&M and the flats are Halogen shoes from Nordstrom.


A dress is a simple and easy way to transition from casual to business attire. I took a dress and paired it with some black tights and my favorite new shoes from Nordstrom BP.



Another option for business casual is basically anything that doesn’t include jeans. The outfit below is perfect except I would switch the puffer coat out for my camel coat. These plaid pants have been a favorite of mine this winter! (from H&M).


Hope you guys got some business inspiration from my DECA outfits!


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