How I Layer: Spring Edition

Even though it is nearing spring and I have already purchased many spring items, Washington has been getting a little crazy with its last minute winter weather. I mean, it actually snowed last week! Therefore, I believe it’s important to know how to transition from winter to spring in the easiest way which is layering.


Turtleneck Layer


Both the turtleneck and tank top are from Old Navy. Honestly I found the top from the sleepwear section!

Literally everyone who knows me knows that I wear a black turtleneck every other day in the winter. One way to switch it up a little is by wearing a brighter tank top or dress over it.

Sweater over Dress 

I love this technique for fall, winter and spring as it always feels a little cold during those seasons in Washington. The best way to accomplish this is by layering an oversized sweater over a dress.

Every Kind of Outerwear picture

This one means taking your pullover, denim jacket and coat combining them all together for when it gets extremely cold.

Simple Jacket


This jacket is a mix between a blazer and a cardigan which a bought a couple years ago at Nordstrom. However, blazers can be found everywhere right now!

I love this one as it’s always such a classic. Simply take a cute shirt and your favourite jacket for a put together yet warm outfit.


Stay warm,


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